What kind of ceremonies do you perform?

My services can be Pagan, Christian, Interfaith or Nondenominational. I  will perform ceremonies for any form of relationship regardless of faith or orientation.  Interfaith ceremonies, rites of passage, legal marriages and civil unions, handfastings, memorials, birthings, naming ceremonies, wiccanings, rites of death, crossing over,  house blessings and protection, polyamorous couples as well as Bi/Les/Gay relationships. I can provide clergy services for any members of the community who are without a church, or can't turn to their usual church and are in need of ministerial services.

As for handfastings, civil unions and weddings:

There are many different types of ceremonies -- both formal and informal, religious or spiritual, as well as, secular that couples request.  Some are more traditional or more religious than others. There is an increasing number of interfaith marriages, and often couples need to be sensitive to the sensibilities of their family, as well as, true their own spirituality.  Some couples, particularly those getting re-married, prefer simple, private weddings in a backyard or some beautiful natural location.

Most people prefer updated traditional ceremonies or something truly unique they have created themselves.  They want the strength and elegance of tradition with a fresh, personal touch.  They want their wedding to be both deeply meaningful and delightfully magickal.  There are so many wonderful choices of ceremonies, readings, vows, and other elements and I work to create the perfect individualized ceremony for each couple. Please know that although I am Pagan my services can be non-denominational.

Where can you legally marry people?

At present  I can perform legal marriages in the following states: AZ, CA,CT, KS, MA, MD, MN, NE, NM, NC, PA, RI, US Virgin Islands, WI and can perform civil unions in CT and MA

Do you have a sample wedding format?

Basic outline of a simple service:

Greeting and Invocation
Statement of Purpose
Questions of Intent
Exchange of Vows
Exchange of Rings
Pronouncement of Marriage

This does not include such things as readings, music, unity candle, children's vows, rose exchange, or other familiar elements. Anything that you would like to include in your ceremony can be inserted in what ever context you prefer. The ceremony is yours and this special day is yours. I strive to be sure that anyone who comes to me to perform these services is completely happy with their service in every way.

How long do most weddings last?

Typically weddings are from 20 to 30 minutes long.  However, they can be as short as ten minutes or as long as an hour depending on the desires of the couple.

How much advance notice do I have to give?

Ideally six to eight months for Summer weekend weddings, three to six months the rest of the year.  Summer weddings -- particularly Saturdays -- are often completely booked by early Spring of the year BEFORE!  The earlier you confirm the better your chances of securing your preferred date, time, and place.   It is also good to have your premarital counseling done within a month of the wedding, to lighten your load as the big day approaches.

IMPORTANT: Please book early for peak season (May-Sept. and holiday dates) weddings!!

Do I have to meet you beforehand?

I really prefer to meet the couple at least on one occasion before the wedding. At that meeting we can find out if I am the person you really want to perform your wedding, I can give you references, do any premarital counseling that is needed and discuss what you expect of me in the way of my services.

I generally meet for about an hour the first time and then communicate by phone or email thereafter until just before the wedding at the rehearsal. If you require more meetings I am happy to accommodate you. I can not stress enough that this is your wedding and it is truly important to me that it be everything that your heart desires.

Where do you like to meet people?
Many couples meet in my home in Torrington CT or in a local diner or restaurant.  I no longer travel outside of my hometown to meet people. It becomes too confusing for everyone involved.

How much do you charge and what do your fees include?

For Handfastings/Weddings/Civil Unions  $200 plus 45 cents per mile travel [$100 non-refundable deposit/scheduling fee plus mileage for meeting due at time of first premarital counseling session.]  Travel is charged for meetings, rehersals and for the wedding itself.

For holiday weddings there is usually an additional charge. Please contact me for more information.

On the rare occasion that I am in an areas that is over 150 miles from my home I will require that I be near the place of the wedding overnight and airfare if travel exceeds 4 hours by car.  These costs are generally calculated according to mileage or air fare plus the cost of food, car rental and lodging if necessary.

Handfastings/Weddings/Civil Unions include:

**Donation of proceeds to HORSE of CT
*Premarital counseling
*Your service or selection of available services
*Rehearsal-within 75 miles-otherwise over night accommodations are necessary
*Officiate wedding service-yours is the only service I perform on that day.
*Prayer or invocation before meal if you would like
*Filing of marriage license
*A marriage certificate (suitable for framing) printed on heavy parchment paper
* Presence of second male officiant who assists throughout ceremony

When will we work on the ceremony?
Once your deposit has cleared the bank I will send several files to you via e-mail. These contain examples of weddings I have performed and many ideas for other ceremonies as well. You may find one that meets your needs, write your own ceremony or even combine elements from several different ceremonies.

Do you perform other ceremonies?

Yes.  I also do baby and religious dedications and memorial services and am willing to work with you for any rite of passage, funeral or house blessing. Your needs are my concern and I will work with you to support any ceremony you may need me to perform.

Do you perform same sex marriages?

Yes  we do and are able perform civil unions in CT and MA.  We also perform handfastings for Poly relationships.

Do you perform theme weddings?

Certainly! They are great fun and a testament to the couples' individuality.

Are you actually a minister and where did you get your credentials?

I received my ordination and doctorate in religious studies through the Universal Life Church of Modesto California.   I was ordained June 19, 1998 by the ULC and on October 8 2003 through The Church of Spiritual Humanism.  

For further questions or to book your date please contact me with your date and preferences and I will return your mail or phone call.

email: dawn0001@hotmail.com

Clergy Services Provided By
Rev. Dr. Dawn Thebarge

I have given a bit of information about the services I provide below. Please know that should you decide to allow me to provide you with my services, that I take great care in performing a ceremony that you will be pleased with.  I am happy to provide references and will always be happy to make your ceremony as unique as you would like.

Please note We make no profit on services performed. We donate proceeds to HORSE of CT, an equine rescue in Washington, CT. You can see information about them at www.horseofct.org. We believe in the importance of giving back to the community as a whole and since this rescue is close to our hearts we give the proceeds of all clergy services to them.

In the past half of our was donated to the Friendly Hands Food Bank here in Torrington, CT.

Thanks so much for your interest. I look forward to speaking with you about your needs.

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